Used my NutraBoss units last week. 670 acres in two days. No problems at all with your equipment!! Thanks. Worked great.
  • Kim K
  • Alberta City, IA
Just wanted to let you know I went out and did 80 acres yesterday real quick. It worked flawless. And having two extra on the right hand side, you can do end rows and flip them up, and drop the other two and you are going in a hurry. At 10 gallons, you can see strips of liquid on the ground. It is a nice stream coming out a couple of inches away from the plant. I was going 9 mph to get it to come out at 10 gpa. I really like how simple it is and how good it works. I'm glad to pass on the word.
  • Chad S
  • Glencoe, MN
  • (using a John Deere sprayer)