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Achieve Maximum Efficiency in Fertilizing Power with NutraBoss

The NutraBoss is a dual fertilizer placement tool for any row crop plant. It evenly distributes the nutrients near the root zone with maximum efficiency, and is compatible with any sprayer on the market today. Here are the top six reasons to do your fertilizing with the NutraBoss: 1. It’s equipped to fit onto all sprayers 2. It comes with a Y adapter 3. Minimal cost with fast conversions 4. Nutrients are closer to the root zone, enabling a more accurate and efficient product flow 5. It stays on boom when units are removed 6. Each unit only weighs 9 Ibs. Want to see how it works? Check out what the NutraBoss looks like in action. One satisfied customer, Kim K. from Albert City, IA says, “Used My NutraBoss units last week. 670 acres in two days, and no problems at all with your equipment!” Check out her testimonial as well as those of other satisfied clients on our testimonials page, and find out more about the NutraBoss here.


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